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A Moment of Grace

The rush comes fast and vigorous. It is unexpected. A watershed moment occurs. Pride stands firm like a solider on guard in a hostile land. Insecure about giving up control, not willing to let go of any vigilance. Though it comes forcefully, grace always knocks. It presents itself in an unassuming manner. Yet, the question always comes, is this for real? grace at its purest form, its true identity comes directly from God. It is unbelievable in so many ways.

The recipients never feel worthy, they struggle to ascertain why do they deserve this thing. Even though grace delivers exactly what is necessary in any circumstance, the heart stands guard unwilling to relent. This becomes the quandary. All the walls we have built around us, suddenly become vulnerable. The question then, what is on the other side? Is it possible to let go? Is it possible to trust? Those are the queries that charge at us like a stampede. No time to consider, no time to think. We are exposed. On a ledge looking down, to what seems thousands of feet into the unknown. Do we submit?  Do we take the plunge?

It would seem that grace is easy to accept. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life – John 3:16. Some would say that is the definition of true grace. When seeking the world’s definition of grace there is no sufficient meaning. Something beautiful, incredible, given from God can’t be defined. That is what makes accepting grace hard. There is no word, sentence, description to give the depth, gravity, healing, and true love that grace provides. Scarier yet, grace always comes with an element of mystery, requiring us to surrender. The word surrender is easy to write, even easier to say, but the act sometimes feels like you are climbing Mount Everest. What is the catch? What am I really being asked to do?

For a better part of my life, I did not know how to accept all the grace God had for me. This occurred, mainly because I thought my plan was better. But, when I looked into the deepest parts of my life, searched all the skeletons and memories alike. It wasn’t the difficulty of grace or thinking my plan was better. The struggle was my unwillingness to surrender, to be vulnerable and relinquish power over my life to Him.

Today, I have learned to accept God’s grace in its many forms, surrendering to His will. In turn, he has given me the courage to step through another door into the unknown. With my family by my side, we set a course with our Heavenly Father lighting the way. My identity, as Truth Teller explodes out of my inner being. The truth permeates through my thoughts and into the written word. Through His grace I am living out the best parts of me.

As the date of this post, its been 16 years since God instilled Coming of the End in me. During that time he has been molding and preparing me for the moment I truly surrendered and accepted His grace. It does not come without fear and trepidation of; where our resources will come from, is my writing good enough, will anyone buy this book? As quickly these lies come I release them to Him, knowing He has me where He wants me.

Thank you for being here! May you be willing to accept the many forms of grace that God has for you!

I write this to make my joy complete!

In His truth and grace,



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