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Decision, Decision, Decision

Who is ultimately to blame when decisions do not work out as expected? A key theme in Coming Of The End involves decisions and consequences. Not all decisions are equal. Perhaps one partner decides that adultery is considered a relationship-ending behavior, while the other partner sees adultery as the ultimate secret. Each person’s values influence each one’s perspective. While values influence decisions, the drama thickens when values are challenged, and then decisions are made. As Coming Of The End evolves into a conflict of personal values and the greater good, the story challenges readers to explore deeply why characters deviate from their perceived fundamental values.

Whether values are based on religion, life experiences, ego, or immediate gratification, each individual remains captive to the consequences. More importantly, these consequences have unforeseen ripple effects that affect other individuals. Whether any particular individual claims ownership of their decisions’ repercussions, the resultant consequences in itself reflects their personal values. This circular progression of events fundamentally reflects the human condition. What is the relationship between cause and effect? Furthermore, these circular events actually occur simultaneously in conjunction with other interrelated events. Consequently, the most important question involves how do multiple, interconnected decisions ultimately result in optimal outcomes. Divine design offers as logical of a conclusion, as any other.

~Glenn W Hunter



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