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Deep Hole of Despair! Will Your Faith Float?

One day you find yourself stuck in a very deep hole, ten times your height, with no ladder or rope to get out. From your depth no roots or branches appear to be present to help you climb out. How helpless are you? You pray endlessly for God to save you. You ask Him to send a Good Samaritan, have a bird drop a rope from the sky, or raise you out of the ground as He has raised the dead. You believe God has the power to do anything.

You hear no reply.

The day is hot. Your lips become cracked and bleeding. Your throat is dry. The nights only provide moderate relief. Your stomach churns in violent displeasure from the lack of food and drink. You pray to God to provide a source for nourishment and someone to pull you out of this hole. 

You hear no reply.

Then the rains come it brings bitter cold. You become despaired, thinking your Heavenly Father has abandoned you. You scream at the top of your lungs for hours on end for help, only to lose your voice. No one responds. Just more rain. Your body shakes from the cold as the waters rise. You maintain your faith and pray more. Asking vigorously and even demanding God to answer you.

You hear no reply.

The water gets higher and higher, till it reaches your neck. How can this be? You asked day and night for God’s help you maintained faithfulness through difficult circumstances that just got worse. How can this be? Why has God forsaken you? You pray with the last of your might.

You hear no reply.

The water is at your lips as you stand on your toes. The end seems near. You have no more strength. With all of what is left, you call on God. Then the water intensifies, escalating to a gushing waterfall. The answer seems evident, this is the end. What is the purpose of fighting on, just let death take over? It is not God’s will to be saved from this deep hole that is filling with water.

Yet there still is a choice, you can easily open your mouth and let the waters fill your lungs, killing you quickly. But there is another choice. You realize in that moment of desperation that the water beating down has quenched your thirst. Your stomach has a little bit of nourishment in it from the water. The muscles that felt weak and aching are numb due to the cold water your body submerged in. Your body has become buoyant, not so heavy. It is quite possible as the water continues to rise you can bounce up from the bottom of the hole to the surface catching a breath and treading for a little before having to sink again.

Your fate seems sealed but there is a glimmer of hope, a shining light amidst what seems impossible. The question you ask, is it worth it? For hours and days, you have called on God to save you. Nothing really has changed. There is still over half the hole that must be filled. Rain is still coming at a rivers pace. But what if it stops. Then all the effort will be for nothing, you will still die. It is your choice will trust God more, accept His grace and let your faith float. Or still succumb to the waters and what seems to be your destiny.

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