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Don’t let the world determine your value

It has been a while since a recent post. For those that read, I am sorry. Not sure how many this will reach, still I feel compelled to post. This past year has been full of transition. Started a new job that requires a significant amount of time. Writing books just wasn’t paying the bills. Still thank you to those who did purchase one. 

I lived 2019 in a mode of obedience to our Heavenly Father, staying focused on his commands and leading in my life. This has been helpful in ways very unexpected, particularly anxiety. When you are not focused on the world’s view or expectations it keeps things very easy. I did not feel as I had to conquer the world, just glorify God in the things I do. 

Walking into 2020, patience is the word God gave me. Nothing audacious like conquer or dominate. Through this verse, Romans 12:12, God spoke to me:

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

The start of 2019 brought a lot of unknowns with our son’s cancer and not having reliable income. God changed that through our obedience. 2020 begins with more promise; a good job, our son in remission, much more hope. My personal battles have come when I don’t have control but through surrender I lean on God for what I am unable to do. This seems very easy through words but I assure much tougher in application. 

Being back in a traditional company setting has been an adjustment. A year ago I thought I was destined to write, full of God’s grace to achieve the unimaginable. Today I could be shrouded in failure thinking of the small amount of books that sold unable to achieve success. Yet I know that is out of my control, not meant to be at this juncture. God has a plan. 

Recently I was met with a life event I am still trying to figure out. A person that no longer could find their value, their joy, their freedom in their work decided to quit. One that I feel they were ordained to do. In 2016 I found myself at a similar crossroads no longer able to continue the work I was doing. Mine came from losing my way, believing the worlds value of me was the money I could make, house, cars, and things I could buy.

Writing Coming of the End captured a significant part of myself driven by how the world valued me and my contributions. Mitch Williams life, the main protagonist, is built on this ambition of needing more. The reality is more is never enough. This becomes clear in the story. Mitch through continued failures has to come to grips with this reality. Can he change in time to save the true things that should be important; Faith, Family, Friends?

Where does life find you today? Whose value are you trying to measure up to? The worlds? Or God’s? It may seem easy to simply follow God’s commandments, adhere to His word. Difficulty comes when those simple life essentials don’t fill our envious hunger for more. Our drive to compete and live ambitiously push us beyond God’s intentions. The scene from the garden where Adam and Eve can’t resist the forbidden fruit, replays minute by minute in our daily lives. 

Paul wrote in Philippians 1:29:

For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him. 

The world does not value this, therefore we can never find true value of ourselves from the world. God’s value and his pleasure with our contributions only matter. Don’t allow the world to dictate your worth. You are a child of God!

I write these words to make my joy complete! In His Amazing Love and Grace,


More to come...


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