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How Does It End?

How will it end? Isn’t that the question we seem to always be asking? As a writer I often find myself constantly trying to figure out how something ends. To some extent that is a necessity when structuring a story or writing a book. Many ask that question about, Coming of the End. Often it comes in jest, but some are real direct questions. Is this about the apocalypse? We can easily become obsessed with knowing the outcome of many aspects in our lives. Why are people riveted with Reality TV, constantly checking Facebook or Instagram? Is it because they feel they might be missing out on something? This need to know overflows into my life, causing me to predict how circumstances might end, how the course of life might go. It becomes a distraction preventing me from staying focused on what I need to be doing. In actuality we should not be worrying about what comes next or how it ends. Sound familiar?  

Think about it. The most valuable commodity in the world is information. Trillions of dollars are spent annually on gaining more knowledge. This is a fact, Google it. Why? Because we are consumed with the need to know.  From Adam and Eve to the disciples, till now the craving for more is always there. Gaining knowledge is not a bad thing, many passages in the Bible instructs us to do so. The more wisdom we gain from God in life protects us and keeps us obedient to His laws. This issue becomes when we bypass knowledge and wisdom to trying to figure God out or how this all might end. See Tower of Babel as shown in Genesis 11:1-9. That is not our duty.

Look at the story of Job. He was a man for all intents and purposes that was faithful to God. Then his life was attacked; lost his family, home, possessions and wealth. Job’s friends then tell him why God potentially took everything away from him, even though they had no authority to do so. Then God in his way, shows up and sets the record straight – Job; chapters 30-40 (read it). In showing His omniscient wisdom, God plainly tells Job it is not his charge to question or understand God’s will. Being faithful and obedient to God’s law is Job’s main responsibility My take away in reading Job is God saying you cannot fathom why I allow things to happen, cannot fathom how your time or the earth will end. It is not our job. But does not that become the temptation in our life to figure it out. Except God is just saying, “You child, do not worry yourself with things that you cannot control. Follow my commandments. Believe I sent my only Son for your sins; he died and was raised from the dead, for you. Follow his instructions.”

In Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus talks directly about end times. He does in a manner for anticipation, that we should be prepared. In fact, He clearly states we will not know the hour but will make it clear it is Him. It is not our duty to figure out why God does something or how this world will end. That only becomes our distraction. One of Satan’s greatest weapons is disruption of life through distractions. Our responsibility is; seek first the kingdom, make disciples of all nations (Matt 28: 18-20), follow the Ten Commandments. God has not made it complicated, we do.

In writing Coming of the End, then enduring these last three years after quitting my corporate job, nothing was constant, many unknowns were present. It would happen quite often, dwelling on how things would come together, how it might work out. Yet it just makes the journey that much more difficult. Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus makes it clear not to worry about tomorrow. Often, easier said then done. Proverbs 3:5-6 states how we should live in this manner:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

I hope you find comfort in trusting God for things you do not have control over. By accepting His grace in this way will make life easier. I promise!

Walking in His truth and grace,


I write this to make my joy complete!

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