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Pride Before the Fall

Many successful people firmly believe that they control their destiny.  The sales professional who leads his region in sales volume and growth for six consecutive quarters will proudly proclaim himself as “Master of the Universe”. His peers are often quick t anoint him with that title and many more accolades. Lost in the ego-driven high performance highlights is that this “Master of the Universe” still answers to a sales officer. Furthermore, an executive in the C-Suite continues to acquire even larger bonuses based on the performance of the “Master Of The Universe”.

In Coming Of The End, the protagonist, Mitch Williams is acquiring accolades and money faster than he can imagine. Then, in his ego-driven frenzy he discovers what is more valuable than money. Additionally, he learns little bit by little how his fast-charging ego drives slightly off course until he hardly recognizes where he physically and spiritually is located. In fact, his “Master of the Universe” persona has some power over life and death, but he has no sense of control over this power. Mitch’s fall is clearly driven by his pride. A key theme of Coming Of The End is redemption. Unfortunately, redemption requires humility. Who among us has abandoned humility in the pursuit of Mastery? Read Coming Of The End to see ego chase mastery, and the speedy sacrifices required as a result. Can Mitch even find himself by the end?


~Glenn W Hunter

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