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The Box (Part 2)

Looking back, there were too many to determine. The box was safe for now, still in his clutch. He swiped at the scanner violently, trying to make it through the gate quickly without further detection. It had been a risk to see who was behind him. They were still coming. He made it down another staircase onto the ramp as the train was about to depart. Doors still open but the blinking light indicated they were closing.

Charles scampered to the closest door, almost falling. If he missed it, there would be no chance. Everything would be gone. His dark over coat fluttered as he raced. The doors were almost shut as his hand slid between them. Pain rushed up his arm as they closed, smashing skin, bone, and muscle all at once. He grimaced trying not to make a sound to avoid further attention. The doors mercifully opened and he entered. With the box in one arm he carefully held his dented arm close to his side. It was painful.

He sought vigorously a safe retreat. Most were taken. He persevered. There! Towards the next car he darted. His mind begged for no one to make it there first. At last! He sat. feeling some relief. Then the thought stole his excitement. His shadow! Were they still there? He took a careful slow glance over the entire train car. Diligently he looked trying to still hide his identity. No one he recognized inside. But then, there it was, desperately looking around. Their eyes met. Fear struck Charles. Did they know? He couldn’t tell. One thing was for certain neither would find out. The train departed as both faces starred from either side of the glass.

Was it over? Would more find out? Thoughts terrorized Charles’ mind. He might not know the answers to these exhausting questions till the end.  He had to keep going. There was nothing else to live for. He sunk in his seat only guessing what would meet him at his next stop. Would he be in time for Maddie? 

Then he looked at the box. Would this be enough?

Till tomorrow...

I write this to make my joy complete!

Eric S McCoy

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