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The Box (Part 3)

The doors open. He flung himself outside. The box hug tightly to his body. Time was not on his side. Those long lanky legs could not move fast enough. He made it up staircases, down sidewalks, around corners faster than he could remember.

Huffing, desperate for air, he arrived. Looking up at the tall building, he only had three stories to go, but if felt galaxies away. No turning back now. How would he get in? Fort Knox might be easier. Then an old lady with a cane motioned for him. He had been saved.

Now upstairs, at the door. The moment had come. He stared down at the box, would this work? No time to wonder. He walked in, dozens of eyes starred in disbelief. How did he get here? Does he know what he is doing? How dare him? What is in his hands? The expressions offered limitless questions. Charles did not care. He was here to save one soul. He scanned to find the lost, the one that did not belong in the room.

Just then, the old man stepped into his path, “You should not be here!” he said gruffly.

Charles was absorbed, his focus unrelenting. Even though the old man was steps away Charles continued as he were invisible. Scouring the room, where was she? Had she already been taken away? About to give-up and retreat back to the bitter cold, a silhouette caught his eye.

On the far side of the room, she stood. Maddie! Nothing would stop him. He darted towards her, swerving around bodies. At last he had reached his mark. Would she even listen? With the current audience probably not. She turned. The room became quitter, even the pen was afraid to drop.

Her face was blushed, but from what? Charles could not tell. Her eyes appeared surprised, but her expression seemed ready to tell him what he was afraid to hear. Before she could speak, he dropped to one knee.  Placed the box on the floor. Gasps echoed all around as he unwrapped it. Revealed its contents, only she could see. Indeed, she was surprised. Was it good or bad?  Charles was about to find out.

“All I have is my hands to create, it is what I love to do. But if they can’t hold you every day for the rest of my life, what good are they?” His brown eyes searched seeking her heart.

She looked at him. Her eyes swelled. Was it anger? Fear? Embarrassment? Charles did not know. The tears then gushed, streaming down her beautiful innocent face. He looked down. Unsure if he could take the pain he was seeing.

Then all of a sudden, a loud thud. Her knees met his. She grabbed his face. Her blue exquisite eyes glistened like diamonds. He was shocked. This was not the plan. He was the man, that is why he came, to show, his strength. She did not care. Without warning she pressed her lips to his. Another gasp came from the crowd. Charles could do nothing but melt into her grasp and kiss. He grabbed her tightly.

Seconds felt like days. Everything around them disappeared. It was their love reunited.

They both released their embrace simultaneously. A smile on each of their faces.

In her sweet words, she announced what he had been begging for, “Yes! Yes, I will Charles Arnold Krumply”

Elation! He could not believe what he had just heard. Then reality struck back as several voices cleared themselves. Before he could say anything, Maddie seized his hand, he grabbed the box. Then she led him toward the door. The eyes he had met on the way in now exuded complete shock, ironically he was too. Then she stopped and looked back.

Staring at the old man, she blurted, “Daddy, stop being so difficult. Charles is going to be your son-in-law.” The old man became red faced and looked stunned by what just happened. More gasps came but a few giggles had entered the room. Those giggles then turned to laughs and the laughs into applause.

Two individuals had entered that room separate. Having no idea what life held for them. Not even sure who might love them tomorrow. She pulled her coat from the hook, they left through the door still open. Some of those questions remained, but they knew now they would not have to answer alone. Life was different, it was filled with hope and love.

The End...

I write this to make my joy complete!

Eric S McCoy

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