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The Purpose of this Site and Blog

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to visit. Hopefully you find encouragement in any form while you are here. Probably from the time I was born God had instill the joy and passion to write, even though it took a long time to find. Fast forward 42 and a half years, first book finally published. Now we continue moving forward to see what God has in store.

We have three books planned for this year. One I am working on right now might be out fairly quickly, it is a non-fiction that details events in my life including with my Son, Preston – diagnosed with a rare cancer. The other two are continuation of, Coming of the End. Right now, just trying to coordinate everything.

This blog will be how we communicate happenings, share encouragement, and provide more literary content. This is intended to be a daily post. We hope to have that consistent in the next week or two. Please subscribe to the email list so we can ensure you get this content. We will be sharing exclusive content and preview of next books within that email list and this blog.

May God bless you today and tomorrow in ways you don’t expect.

In His truth and grace,


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