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Eric McCoy grew up in Oregon experiencing more than his fair share of liquid sunshine. Married in 2003 to his beautiful wife Margo, they embarked on numerous adventures, one being parenting. Thankfully each child, Isabel and Preston got the better part of their Mama’s genes. In 2014 their next adventure took them to Kansas City for a job, or so they thought. Two years later Eric parted ways with the corporate world after more than 10 years in banking. This step shifted his focus to concentrate on business consulting and writing. Today they reside just outside of Kansas City enjoying all the elements of home it has become.

 A revelation from the Author:

Through a dream in December 2002, God gave me a vision for this story, Coming of the End was born. Since then I have been writing the story in more ways than I could imagine – only God. I never aspired to be a writer specifically, the business world, especially entrepreneurship always drew my attention. Early in life I set goals how everything should go. The career I wanted, the house, how much money I should make – sound familiar? Yet when I achieved those things, there was only emptiness. I am truly been blessed with tremendous parents, amazing and loving wife, incredible daughter and son. More than I deserve. Still, trying to find contentment had been difficult.

In March 2016, I left the “safe haven” of my corporate job in banking. It was not on my own accord, God grabbed me – as He does to many. This was the result of not living the life God had intended, my wants had run their course. Even though it was clear I needed to change my perspective, the world I had entrenched myself in was hard to shake. Many elements became chains and idols. It took hitting rock bottom spiritually and financially to see what needed to change. This time was a stepping stone to finding my true identity and maturing as a Christian, I learned what Romans 8 (yes the entire chapter) really meant. In the midst of this transition, I found faith in my Savior and learned to truly trust Him. This would not be possible with many elements of my family and friends. There is not enough I can say about my wife, the strongest woman I know, amazing in so many ways. Yet, God was not done molding us.

On November 6th, 2018 our world turned upside down. A tumor was found on the left side of our son's head. It was determined to be a rare form of cancer. The blessing, it was treatable. For the next several weeks the roller coaster ride went on. But God never left us. He afforded us immense grace through the peace, comfort, and strength He provided. During this, God placed on my heart to finally finish what I had been dodging for over a decade, Coming of the End.

Since arriving in Kansas City, I had been finished with the book. Just needed to get edited and publish – seems simple right? Again, it became a road littered with anxiety and fears, very little trust in Him. In 2017 I revisited getting the book published, that is when God sent me Glenn Hunter, my current editor. Still I found ways to distract myself with projects to pursue and God knew I needed time to learn to accept His grace. Through my time consulting, I have been driving Uber to supplement income. It has been a powerful opportunity for God to use me in many ways and show His grace. That all seem to come to an end when we found out Preston has cancer. The car I drove broke down the night before I was planning to drive Uber again. All the projects I had been working on hit dead ends. God really knows how to get our attention! It left me with just one choice - finish the book!

Accepting God’s grace comes in so many different forms. We often think about our sins and His forgiveness which remains the greatest gift and show of love. The grace sometimes hardest to accept is small but our pride stands in its way; a helping hand, financial, a meal. Everything the world says makes us weak, in God’s eyes makes us strong. The words you read today, the emotions you embrace from this book, come because I finally learned how to accept his grace. Isn’t it amazing?

 The Authors hope for this and any future story

1 John 1:4

“We write this to make our joy complete”

This verse hit a special cord with me. John and who we can only assume other disciples made this statement in declaring the truth of Jesus Christ and an opportunity for fellowship. For me it speaks truth about my identity and what God has called me to do, write. My hope is this book challenges whoever reads it, the reader learns something, and it provides some level of entertainment. With that said I write these words to make my joy complete in God my Heavenly Father. As a truth teller, I seek the truth that only God can deliver. No letter, word, chapter, or book I write will ever be complete without the truth. May the truth find you, when you need it most. May God’s grace comfort you. As I follow my  identity in Jesus Christ, I look forward to sharing the truth God has planted inside of me. May each person that reads this learns to accept the grace God has for them. Thank you for joining this adventure. How will it end – only God knows!

Breathe. Trust. Humble. Obey.